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Welcome to the P.I.C. Photo Album! This website is dedicated to the history of P.I.C.!

Above photo: A Polaroid of P.I.C. while living at Sloane House. (clockwise) Sean, Miguel, Al, Scan, and Pro. School year 1986-1987.

About P.I.C.: Like many fabled myths, this one started a long time ago... back in 1985, actually. Back then, the School of Visual Artsí dorm was a run down old building in mid-town Manhattan called Sloane House. Here, P.I.C. was formed. Being young art youths, Sloane House was paradise for the members of P.I.C.. They freely indulged in beer-drinking, practical jokes, poker-playing, and comic books.

Over the years, the bond of friendship between the members of P.I.C. strengthened as did itís ranks. One day, around 1993, the members of P.I.C. decided to put their genius and artistic talent to good use. Thus was born P.I.C. TOONS Studios. With their new studio, P.I.C. was able to produce their creator-owned animation and comic book projects.

Where did the name "P.I.C." originate? Well, that tale is lost amongst the great legends. However, the famous P.I.C. sign might have something to do with it.

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-School Year: 1986-1987

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-School Year: 1988-1989

Above photo: The School of Visual Arts, located at 209 east 23rd street in New York City. This is where the members of P.I.C. stumbled down the halls of higher learning.

Above photo: Sloane House, located at 356 West 34th street in New York City, was once the dormitory for the School of Visual Arts. For several years, Sloane House was the home to many P.I.C. members.
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