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-March 23, 2016:

On March 17th, the School of Visual Arts and the National Cartoonist Society presented the Will Eisner Week Event: THE WILL EISNER INFLUENCE (a talk with Mr. Eisner's former students at SVA). The moderator of the event was Ed Steckley (Reuben Award winning illustrator, President of the National Cartoonist Society Manhatten Chapter). Our host was Eric Ingram (SVAís Comic Arts Librarian). The event went very well. I was so honored to be part of the panel that included such well-known comic book powerhouses. We chatted about Will Eisnerís contribution to comics, Will as a teacher, as well as Willís optimism about the medium and its validity as a literary form.

Photo (from left to right): Joe Quesada (Illustrator, Former Editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics), Joey Cavalieri (Writer, DC Comics Senior Editor), Al Nickerson (Writer and artist of AN ACT OF FAITH), John Holmstrom (Underground cartoonist and founder of PUNK magazine) and Paul Levitz (Writer, Former President of DC Comics and author of WILL EISNER CHAMPION OF THE GRAPHIC NOVEL).

There's more information and photos of the event here.

-December 17, 2015:

This week's edition of THE PHOTO NEWS has a nice article about my career and the art exhibit featuring my artwork from AN ACT OF FAITH. I'm feeling the love!

-December 3, 2015:

The exhibit of some of my artwork from my graphic novel series, AN ACT OF FAITH, is now on display at the Monroe Free Library. The exhibit will run for the month of December. Thanks to Ian for taking the photos and for installing the artwork. And thanks to the Monroe Free Library for all of their support.

-November 25, 2015:

The Monroe Free Library framed some of my original artwork for the exhibit in December. The artwork is from my AN ACT OF FAITH graphic novel series. Thanks to Ian for taking the photos.

-October 30, 2015:

I had stopped by the Monroe Free Library to show the library folks the color pieces. (Artistic Images did an amazing job with the printing.) For the exhibit, also, the Monroe Free Library will be framing black-and-white original artwork from AN ACT OF FAITH. I'm really hoping that God somehow uses this exhibit. It'll be great to see some Christian artwork out there in the world. Anyway, the photo above was taken from my trip to the library. Thanks to Ian for taking the photo. The exhibit will be held at the Monroe Free Library for the month of December.