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School Year: 1988-1989

Above photo (Left to right): Sean, Miguel, Al, and, Scan in the men's room at Sloane House. This was the last of P.I.C.ís famous bathroom photo secessions.

Above photos: You remember when Scan was on MTV News? Well, itís true. It all happened back in 1989 when MTV News was doing a news report about comic books. Luckily, Scan was shopping at (New York Cityís) St. Markís Place Comics where this interview, this famous moment in P.I.C. history, took place. "Well, Iím buying something called NEAT STUFF which is very warped humor that hasÖ itís so warped.", states future cartoonist.

Above photo: Sean and Bucky playing on the rooftops of Manhattan.

Above photo: Miguel the piano man at his 23rd street apartment in Manhattan.

Above photo (Left to right): Miguel is visited by Al.

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