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About the Comic:

THE SWORD OF EDEN introduces Rebecca Stern as she begins her career as a superhero. What will happen when our young heroine joins forces with Nemish-Man, Kid-Cockroach, and Professor Jack in retrieving the Sword of Eden (the legendary sword used by angels to keep Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden). In their adventures, our heroes battle demons, zombies, a bunch of ninja, and other supervillains. And how will these superheroes cope when they must combat mythological villains such as Count Orlok or the Green Knight? If that ain’t enough, will our heroes be capable of locating Noah’s Ark?

About the Author:

Al Nickerson is a Christian. He is the comic book self-publisher of THE SWORD OF EDEN graphic novel. He was a comic book artist for DC Comics and Archie Comic Publications. Al, also, worked for Marvel Comics and Warp Graphics. He has been a designer and animator for Sesame Street, MTV Animation, and Nickelodeon. And Al was a professor at SUNY Orange where he teaches Sequential Art: Comics Illustration, a class on creating comic books and comic strips.

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