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Hello everyone,

I was contacted by the folks of the television series LAW & ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT. They had asked me if I might be interested in submitting some of my artwork and characters for an upcoming episode. Apparently, they’re shooting a sequence of scenes that takes place in an animation studio. The network wanted to put my characters and artwork on some posters for some background shots.

I still retain all ownership of the characters and artwork used in the episode. I had insisted that my contract clearly state: "Al Nickerson retains all ownership, copyright, and trademark of the Material."

You'll see my characters and artwork on LAW & ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT Episode Seven, Season Seven. I am told that this episode will air on November 15th on the USA Network, and is titled "Self Made". Two of the pieces (the first two posted below) are printed at six feet tall each. Now, I gotta figure out how I can get them home.

Below is some of the artwork that I had submitted to LAW & ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT. They include artwork from NIHILIST-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS #1, a webcomic that I never got around to finishing featuring the Fighting Patriot, and artwork from my forth-coming graphic novel AN ACT OF FAITH.

Al Nickerson
(Chief Creative Director)

The ARGGH!!! Chronicles, Nihilist-Man, An Act of Faith, all related characters, and all artwork are TM and © 2007 Albert Nickerson.