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Once upon a time, Marvel Comics calls Ink-boy Al into their offices to pick up a Spidey cover to ink. Ink-boy Al, being a diligent and loyal ink-boy, returns home to his studio in the land of Jersey to ink his cover.

The next day, Ink-boy Al returns to the offices of Marvel Comics to drop off his inked Spidey cover, and processes his Marvel payment voucher for a job well done (‘cuz ink-boys have bills to pay;... those brushes are expense).

The next day after that, Marvel Comics calls Ink-boy Al back into their offices because, now, Mr. Editor (who loves Ink-boy Al;... as we all do) realizes that Mr. Penciler drew Spidey’s eyes far too large on the Spidey cover (Ink-boy Al, however, stated that he liked the larger Spidey eyes better because it gave Spidey more personality,... but Mr. Editor is still the boss).

So, being a loyal ink-boy, Ink-boy Al rushes to the offices of Marvel Comics to make the appropriate changes to the Spidey cover. (the changes only consisted of Ink-boy Al re-inking a new Spidey head;... a small job by inking standards).

At Marvel Comics, Ink-boy Al asks Mr. Editor when he needs the changes made. Mr. Editor replies, "When can you have it done?". Being prepared for any situation that may arise, Ink-boy Al states to Mr. Editor that he has his inking supplies in his faithful army bag, and if there was an available table in the Marvel Bullpen, he could ink the changes right away. (‘Cuz who the heck wants to travel all the way back to Jersey just to do a 15 minute ink job!?!).

So, Mr. Editor finds Ink-boy Al an empty art station at the Marvel Bullpen, and Ink-boy Al gets to work. For just a moment, Ink-boy Al relishes the fact that a childhood dream has now been achieved: he was now inking at the infamous Marvel Bullpen. Of course, Ink-boy Al looks around at the Marvel interns who work at the Bullpen and realizes that they are just like all other geeky fanboys (all they can talk about is super-heroes and the latest shallow movie with the latest computer generated special effects).

Ink-boy Al quickly inks the Spidey head and, 15 minutes later, returns to Mr. Editor’s office. Mr. Editor is now very happy with the new Spidey head and very happy with Ink-boy Al (as he always is).

Ink-boy Al fills out a Marvel Comics payment voucher and hands it over to Mr. Editor.

As he leaves the offices of Marvel Comics, Ink-boy Al reflects on his experience in the Marvel Bullpen,... and realizes that that was the fastest $60 he’s ever made in his ink-boy career.


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