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The CROSSOVER CLASSICS series is brought to you by John Gallagher, Greg Hyland, Michael Kornstein, Al Nickerson, and Steve Remen.

This crossover series is told in three parts. Part One is posted here at THE ARGGH!!! CHRONICLES (below) website. Part Two is posted at the LETHARGiC LAD website ( And Part Three concludes back here at ARGGH!!!.

CROSSOVER CLASSICS Part One and Part Two were written by Al Nickerson and Michael Kornstein with help from the rest of the CROSSOVER gang. Michael was also the penciller. And Al did the inking, coloring, and lettering.

The ARGGH!!! Chronicles, Nihilist-Man, Ink-Boy Al, and all related characters TM and 2017 Albert Gordon Nickerson Jr. Hunter TM and 2017 Michael Kornstein. Lethargic Lad TM and 2017 Greg Hyland. Him TM and 2017 Steve Remen. Buzzboy TM and 2017 John Gallagher and Sky Dog Press. P.I.C. TOONS is a trademark of P.I.C. All rights reserved, Fan-boy! So don't swipe anything!!! Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.