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The Creator's Bill of Rights:
A Letter from Rick Veitch

The following e-mail letter is Rick Veitch’s response to the previous chats and interviews concerning The Creator's Bill of Rights. I received this e-mail from Rick on April 30, 2005. -Al Nickerson


Finally had a chance to read Dave's comments on everyone's answers. It's great but I have a couple nitpicks:

*Dave takes me to task for referring to DC's parent company as "Warner Bros." I can't find anywhere in my answers that I made that remark. Has he got me mixed up with someone else?

*Dave says it "seems as if Rick is saying Tundra didn't work because Kevin set it up along the lines of the Bill Of Rights." Sorry if I was unclear in my grammar but that's not what I meant.

*Dave says he'd add foreign licensing and reprint rights to a list of a fair work for hire agreement. DC does include foreign reprint rights in their work for hire royalty plan now. I forgot to include it in my first list. I'm not sure about the licensing side of it.

Also, if you wish to post any or all of this material on its fine with me.


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